The CasuAliens Proyect

We are two brothers named Jonathan and Miguel with a great project in mind, from Colombia but we currently live in the United States, we have come up with this project due to the great impact that the technological world has currently had, so with all this in mind we decided create TheCasuAliens Collection to try to enter the NFTs market and thus be able to compete and get ahead with this dream

We decided to create this character thanks to a brainstorm with my wife, who gave me the first impulse for this great idea, combined with the taste I feel for ufology, I decided to combine the body of a casual person who uses me as an example with an alien, I combined my body with tattoo accessories and modernity, And the CasuAliens was born.

I decided to draw him showing his attributes to be able to match him with different varieties of accessories which will give each nft a special touch that is rarer than another and different, making each CasuAlien unique.

giving investors the opportunity to have one nft more valuable than another

Every buyer will have an official garment as a gift